Friday, January 23, 2009

Product Reviews: So Delicous

Before my stomach decided to rebel against my taste buds, I loved everything by Turtle Mountain.  My favorites were the mint chocolate soy ice cream, the cookie dough ice cream, and the fudge pops.  MMMM.   They've now introduced new coconut milk products, some of which are soy free and gluten free, and, as always, are vegan.

This is good stuff.  It's not as thick as soy yogurt or real yogurt, but I don't care.  It also has very little protein compared to soy and real yogurt, so view it as more of a sugary snack, and maybe serve with a rice cake and some nuts.  I've had the Passionate Mango, Raspberry, Vanilla and Strawberry Banana.  Whole Paycheck carries them, as does Madison.  Hopefully PCC will jump on the bandwagon soon.
Just so you know, every once in a while (like 1 in 4 containers), it seems like something in the yogurt isn't stirred correctly and it's a bit grainy.  It's still good, but not as good as the ungrainy kind.  Also, it is expensive!

I've tried the mint chip (on accident, it does contain soy) and the chocolate (Which does not contain soy).  Both were excellent.  For those on the soy free diet, try the chocolate or vanilla (in my freezer to try next).  These pints were a bit less pricey than Luna and Larry's and also had less of a pronounced coconut flavor (but you still know it's coconut).



  1. So, this comment has nothing to do with your post, but I thought I'd share this link w/ you. I'm sure you've experienced some frustration in buying chips lately, that is, if you're into potato chips, like I once was. This looks like a fabulous solution, one which I plan on trying w/ some sweet potatoes very soon:
    I also just realized, as I am feverishly posting pics from disneyworld onto my blog, we have the same background for our blogs :)

  2. Thanks for the link. I'm now an avid GF Goddess reader, thanks to you.
    Fortunately, I never developed a taste for potato chips. I'm not sure why. I mostly eat tortilla chips, and TJs makes a nice soy free GF version I like.