Monday, December 22, 2008

Intro to me

I'm sitting here, eating rice crisps, and thinking how they taste nothing like Triscuits.  Eventually, I may forget what Triscuits taste like and then I'll think rice crisps are the best.  Right now, I want Triscuits.
I've been throwing around the idea of creating a food blog for a while, but I haven't simply because I'm the world's best procrastinator.  Seriously!  Just ask the hubby.  What finally got me started was my most recent visit to my Naturopath.  I'd had a Celiacs test done (runs in the family) and a food allergy test.  I was expecting to have to give up wheat, rye, and barley.  I was okay with that.  I wasn't happy about it, but I was willing to do that because I was sick of feeling like shit all the time.
On Friday, I went to her office to get the results.  The first thing she tells me is the Celiacs test came back negative.  That, and my cholesterol levels were the good news.  The bad news was the new list of foods I have to avoid, potentially forever, due to my gut's inability to digest them:

Cow Dairy - I might also be lactose intolerant which would eliminate all dairy
Gluten (wheat, barley, and rye)
Peanuts - this one is borderline.  I might be alright.

The whole walk home, I was thinking, " Pineapple.  WTF!  Seriously, who can't have pineapple!"

Over the last four days, I've been thinking of all the foods I can't ever eat again (many of which are still in my fridge).  It's depressing!  They really should give you Prozac before they hand over these results.  I want to burst into tears every time I open up the fridge, or the cupboard, or think about my favorite restaurants.  What good is living, if one can't indulge in crispy garlic chicken (ie crack chicken) once in a while.

So, I started this blog for two reasons.  One, I'm hoping for some kind of therapeutic relief.  I have two weeks until my next visit with my therapist and these are going to be a long two weeks (damn you Christmas Vacation!)
Also, another vice of mine is disorganization.  I manage to put on a good show at work, but at home I don't even try.  I'm constantly losing recipes, or edits to my recipes.  Hopefully posting everything online will help keep me from going nuts.
I really don't care if anyone ever reads this.  It might be better that way.  I'm not planning on focusing on the potential reader, or even attempting to always be coherent when I post.  We'll just have to see what happens.

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